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lady have cosmetic filler injection
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Dr Victoria Cosmetic Doctor

Victoria works independently within Tyme4u therefore, offers and gift vouchers from Tyme4u cannot be used on her services.

Treatments are available for men and women.

Patients receive a highly personal service, from first enquiry to continuity of care before, during, after and in between treatments.

To view prices, select the desired treatments.

Aesthetic Clinic With Dr Victoria Wright


Aesthetic Injections & procedures now available on specific dates. Please contact us for the next available date or check online.

Dr Victoria is a medical aesthetic doctor, with 20 years clinical experience. As a specialist in medical aesthetics she offers a range of injectable treatments using premium products to ensure natural long-lasting results.

Whether you wish to achieve luscious lips, define the jawline, lift the cheek bones, correct asymmetry in the nose or whether you wish for subtle, natural anti-aging facial rejuvenation or lifting, volumising and defining the facial features, Dr Victoria will discuss the treatments that are right for you.  


Dr Victoria reviews her patients to ensure best results and minimise the risk of any complications. 


Book a no obligation consultation with Dr Victoria to discuss your concerns.



•  Nefertiri lift (neck lift) 

•  Plarysmal bands 

•  Decolletage 

•  Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweeting) 

•  Migrane 

•  Bunny lines 

•  Brow lift 

•  Gummy smile 

•  Smokers lines 

•  Teeth grinding​ (bruxism) 

•  Frown lines

•  Crows feet

•  Brow lift

•  Jaw slimming

Filler & Skin Tightening: 

•  Cheek / Jawline

•  Liquid Nose Job (nose augmentation)

•  Temporal lift

•  Lip filler


Profhilo is an injectable highly concentrated hyaluronic acid, it’s like an injectable moisturiser than deeply hydrated the skin, gives you a radiant youthful glow and improves fine lines, gently tightening the skin.

Anti-Wrinkle & Filler Injections:
1 Area - £165

2 Areas - £200

3 Areas - £220

Lips - £195-250

Liquid Nose Job - £300

Cheek Filler - from £250

Jawline / Chin Filler - from £250

Teeth Grinding - £165

Profhilo - £250

Package of 2 Profhilo - £400

Please note:

If you need to change or cancel, please notify us a minimum of 72 hours prior to your appointment to avoid a cancellation fee.

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