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Sugaring & Waxing FAQs

Here's everything you need to know about

sugaring & waxing.


We take the dread out of waxing using only the finest hot and warm waxes and sugar which are specially formulated for even the most sensitive skin.


We are continually training our team in advanced waxing and sugaring techniques to give you the best experience with the least amount of pain necessary. Our waxes and sugars, along with our techniques prevent hairs snapping and ingrown hairs forming. 

On entering the treatment room we will provide you with wet wipes so you can freshen up and during your treatment we try to maintain your dignity and avoid too many embarrassing positions. 

Sugaring & Waxing FAQs

Here's all you need to know to get the most out of you waxing or sugaring appointment.

Let's talk male waxing/sugaring!

Most guys have tried shaving or hair removal creams but the results are short lived. The hairs return after a day or so and are then prickly and then itchy.

💥 Ditch the razor/hair removal creams and come see up for a wax or sugar.

This is our most popular male treatment and the results last upto 4 weeks and lead to permanent hair reduction and refinement.

What's holding you back?

Shy: Our salon is gender neutral. We see loads of guys. When you walk into the salon, the decor is calm, industrial and rustic. Not pink and girly. There's often male clients arriving or leaving. Trust us, you won't feel out if place.

Embarrassing: Our new male clients often say it wasn't as embarrassing as they'd imagined.

Size: It really doesn't matter! We see all shapes and sizes and we don't care or compare. All we are interested in is the hair! 😄

Age: We can wax/sugar any age (over 18 for intimate areas). It doesn't matter what age you are. This isn't just for young guys. Most of our male clients are around 40-70.

Pain: With specilised training and we use premium wax or sugar to give you the least painful experience. New client often say it wasn't as painful as they were expecting.

Surprises: An erections don't often happen but if it does we just turn away and get on with something else so you can compose yourself.

Cleanliness: We provide wipes so you can freshen up so don’t worry if you are coming straight from work.

Our male clients also travel from all over Hampshire so you're in safe hands! 

What does the Beginner, Maintenance and Seasonal option mean?

Some treatments will require more time, depending on if it is your first time, or you've not been waxed/sugared in a long time. So we have broken it up into options which therefore reflect the time and price.

Beginner Client - Never had waxing/sugaring before, not been waxed at Tyme4u or it has been over 2 months since your last wax/sugar.

Maintenance Client - 3-4 weeks since last treatment. This option is the best value and is only available when you rebook straight after your appointment.

Seasonal Client - 4 weeks to 2 months since last treatment.

How long should the hair be in order to get waxed / Sugared?

On your first treatment, to get the best results the hair should be the length of a grain of rice. If your aim is to get significant permanent hair reduction, then we recommend that your first 3 treatments are 3 weeks apart. This is to ensure that we are waxing/sugaring the hairs out in their growing cycle, which causes more damage to the hair root and blood supply to it.


Can I shave in between waxing / Sugared?

No…..Nothing…..Nada! We want to get all the hair into the same growing cycle for you get a longer hair free period. This can take several regular waxing or sugaring appointments.


Can I get waxed whilst pregnant / Sugared?

It is perfectly safe to get waxed during every stage of your pregnancy.


Can I get waxed during my period / Sugared?

Yes! We will be happy to wax you during your period but we would expect impeccable hygiene and a fresh tampon prior to your appointment.

Does waxing / Sugaring hurt?

We will never tell you that waxing is pain-free as some areas are more sensitive than others.  We use the very best wax on the market and are highly trained to ensure your wax is completed quickly and as comfortable as possible. For face, underarm, Brazilian & Hollywood waxing we use Berodin non-strip wax. This is often referred to as hot wax or hard wax. For larger, less sensitive areas like legs or back, we use Berodin strip wax which is non sticky. We also use a premium organic sugar for the best results. 

There are some things that you can do to help minimise any pain. Exfoliate 2-3 times a week and moisturise daily (also day of your treatment), this will ensure that the wax/sugar sticks to the hair rather than loads of dry skin, making it much more effective and more comfortable for you.


Will my hair grow back thinner?

As the hair is removed from the root it does reduce the amount of hair that grows back with each waxing or sugaring treatment.  This will vary depending on hair type and density.  Regular waxing and sugaring damages the hair root and blood supply to it therefore leads to permanent hair reduction.


How often should I get waxed / Sugared?

For the best results we advise all of our clients to wax or sugar every 3-4 weeks. As your hair growth reduces you will come less frequently.

What is the aftercare?

  • Only use the aftercare lotions recommended by your Therapist as we don't want to block the pores and cause spots. 

  • For 24 hours avoid, hot baths/showers, sauna, swimming, sunbeds, sunbathing or going to the gym.

  • If you are prone to breakouts we will recommend you use our Bactericidal liquid to stop this.

  • Exfoliate 2-3 times a week to avoid ingrown hairs. If you struggle with these we have a range of different options which work wonders! Your Therapist will recommend which type of exfoliators and moisturisers to use, depending on your needs, the severity of any ingrown hairs and also your lifestyle and time commitments.


Remember: To get the best results you need to come every 3-4 weeks. This will get the hair growth in the same cycle so more is removed and at the correct time (growing cycle) so regrowth is greatly reduced. Also no shaving between appointments.

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