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Our Story

From humble beginning, Tyme4u has blossomed into a thriving salon with our clients at the heart of it.


We have built a reputation for our exceptional one-to-one care. Our mission is to enhance your natural beauty with on trend beauty treatments in a relaxed and friendly environment. For this reason, our clients come from all over Southampton and even further.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and attention to detail. We feel we have a responsibility to help people, to add value to their life in some way or another and to be a difference maker.


We are a unisex beauty salon. We are very discrete and our services very personal. You are not just a number.


If you're looking for somewhere to come for your treatments then come and visit us at our little oasis. We offer a large range of treatments for all genders in a relaxed, friendly and professional environment.

"True beauty is about taking time out to enhance what you have, learning to love and look after yourself, so that your own beauty shines through.

Hannah Kirby - Owner & Head Therapist

Hannah Tyme4u beauty salon owner

Owner & Head Therapist

Hannah's Story

At 16 I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do with my life. I had made it through school and didn’t do too bad with my grades considering I’m dyslexic but I was never really academic and was always more creative.


I have always liked helping people so after lots of chopping and changing, I decided to try Beauty Therapy.


From the moment I started my course I loved it and knew this was the career for me! Because I was so interested in it, for the first time ever, I was actually doing really well and was getting top marks on my assignments and tests and was really flourishing. Most people think Beauty Therapy is easy and just painting nails but it is so much more. On the anatomy side I learn the same as a first year nurse!


Anyway, 3 years later I qualified and went to work in a number of different salons. I gained a lot of knowledge and experience however, the atmosphere was often not great and I’d often think if this was my salon I’d do things differently. Like many places, the people I worked for didn’t appreciate their staff and treated us badly, we were just a number. The final straw was when I was bullied into leavening when I told the owner that I was pregnant. I completely left Beauty and retrained in bookkeeping. I muddled through this till my daughter was 2 years old but my passion for the craft never left me and I returned to beauty on a self employed basis with the hopes that this would be better than being employed. It wasn’t, it was pretty much free labor for the salon owner as I only got paid for what treatments I did and if I was quiet I’d end up running her salon while she went to the hairdressers.


When I first qualified my mum would say, “one day you should have your own salon” to which I’d reply, “no way, too much pressure and I’d have no idea what I was doing” but after all these good and bad experiences, it had taught me and told me that I needed to do it on my own! I wanted to create the atmosphere and friendly environment I had always yearned for in the salons I’d worked in. I wanted to be the boss I’d always wanted, someone to not only manage but treat, teach and support them in their career, unfortunately I feel that a lot of bosses drag their staff down, but I want to empower them and to show them that their are good people to work for in the industry.


So within 2 weeks of leaving my practically unofficial volunteer salon job, with the help and support of my mum and husband 'and business partner', Tyme4u was up and running and we haven’t looked back since. We started off in a converted coal shed, then expanded to a gorgeous cabin where we had two treatment rooms and now we have expanded again to a high street shop where we have 3 rooms and 5 staff. We also regularly run work experience programs with the local college and often offer them employment through that scheme, over the years we have grown from strength to strength and we know we have the drive and determination to go further.


I am so proud of what my husband and I have achieved with the help of our staff too. But of course we couldn’t have done all this with out our amazing clients.


During lockdown we like many other salons, used this time to do lots of online training. We also systemised the salon, created a standard operating procedure for every step of the client journey and all treatments so we could keep our customer service levels consistent. This has been proven beneficial recently with our recent secret shopper experience run by Insight6 when we were awarded excellent for customer services in our local town over and above a number of very affluent area that are well situated and densely populated compared to Totton, this was a great achievement.

vicky Tyme4u beauty salon therapist

Head Therapist

Vicky's Story

After developing an interest in beauty at a young age I knew as soon as I turned 16 I was going to college to become a qualified beauty therapist.  Upon starting at college I knew it was the profession for me, I never realised how involved it was and couldn't wait to learn all the different types of treatments they could offer.

Into my second year at college my mum became ill with breast cancer so I took some time out to help by getting a full time job so she could rest and get better in her own time. I started in retail and gradually went on to work in the financial sector in the offices where I gained so much confidence being able to talk to all different types of people which I have took with me.

As the years went on I knew something was missing and that I needed to get back in to beauty. So I decided on going on courses and refreshing my knowledge and gaining more quifications I had missed out on originally. Once I did this I quit my job and was determined to find something in the beauty sector.


I had only just started looking when I heard about the job at Tyme4u. Hannah took a chance on me and I can honestly say I have never been happier in my career. I'm so lucky to be doing a job I love and helping people feel the best they can feel!

Sophie Tyme4u beauty salon therapist


Beauty Therapist

Kayley's Story

I started studying beauty therapy at college straight from school. I wasn't to sure on what I really wanted to do and decided at that time after completing level 2 of beauty therapy I just wanted to go to work and make some money for myself so I left college and started to work in a bar in town.


This suited me at the time as I am a very sociable person. I then stayed in bar work for quite a few years but never felt fulfilled. In the back of my mind I always knew that I wanted to go back to college to complete beauty therapy level 3 so I could become a beauty therapist as I am very creative and I enjoy helping make people feel confident and happy about themselves.

I went back to college part time and really enjoyed it. I found the anatomy and physiology part of the course very interesting resulting in me passing with flying colours.


Between then and now I have always worked in different salons continuing to gain qualifications along the way. I worked in a prestigious spa where I gained lots of massage experience however, I missed working in a salon which is a more sociable environment.

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