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Our Story

From humble beginning, Tyme4u has blossomed into a thriving salon with our clients at the heart of it.


We have built a reputation for our exceptional one-to-one care. Our mission is to enhance your natural beauty with on trend beauty treatments in a relaxed and friendly environment. For this reason, our clients come from all over Southampton and even further.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and attention to detail. We feel we have a responsibility to help people, to add value to their life in some way or another and to be a difference maker.


We are a unisex beauty salon. We are very discrete and our services very personal. You are not just a number.


If you're looking for somewhere to come for your treatments then come and visit us at our little oasis. We offer a large range of treatments for all genders in a relaxed, friendly and professional environment.

"True beauty is about taking time out to enhance what you have, learning to love and look after yourself, so that your own beauty shines through.

Hannah Kirby - Owner & Head Therapist

Hannah Tyme4u beauty salon owner

Owner & Head Therapist


Our founder and manager, leads the way with her passion and dedication to build and own the best beauty brand around. She not only manages the day-to-day operations but also handles all back-office administration, ensuring that every client receives the highest level of service. She trains the staff and also makes time to carry out some treatments for her own clients.

Since its inception, Hannah has worked tirelessly to build Tyme4u Beauty Treatments and Male Grooming into the thriving business it is today. Her commitment to continuous learning and adapting to the latest beauty trends and techniques has set the foundation for our success. Through her efforts, the business has grown, attracting a loyal clientele who appreciate the quality, comfort, and personalized care they receive.


Hannah's business acumen is evident in her strategic vision and operational efficiency. She has meticulously trained all of her staff to the same level of expertise, ensuring that every treatment is delivered with the highest standards of professionalism and skill. This dedication to excellence guarantees that our clients receive consistent, top-notch service, no matter which member of our team they see.

At Tyme4u Beauty Treatments and Male Grooming, we specialise in a variety of beauty treatments, including professional, expert waxing hair removal, and the highly sort after gentle sugaring hair removal services. Our mission is to provide quality, comfort, and a personalized experience to each of our valued clients. Thank you for choosing us as your beauty partner.

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Senior Beauty Therapist


At Tyme4u Beauty Treatments and Male Grooming, we are proud to introduce Sophie, our Senior Beauty Therapist. Sophie brings a wealth of experience and a passion for beauty that shines through in every treatment she performs.


With a strong background in the beauty industry, Sophie has honed her skills in various treatments, including waxing, hair removal, and sugaring. Her meticulous attention to detail ensures that each client receives a personalized and flawless service.


Sophie's commitment to the business goes beyond her exceptional skills. She understands the importance of communication and client satisfaction, always promptly replying to emails and text messages. Her proactive approach to client care ensures that every interaction is met with professionalism and efficiency.


Sophie's friendly and professional demeanor makes her a favorite among our clients. She takes the time to understand individual needs and tailors her approach to provide personalized and effective treatments. Sophie's dedication to continuous learning and staying updated with the latest beauty trends and techniques further enhances the quality of service at Tyme4u Beauty Treatments and Male Grooming.


We are thrilled to have Sophie as a part of our team and confident that her expertise, attention to detail, and care for the business will leave you feeling pampered and beautiful.

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Senior Beauty Therapist


Meet Jess, our skilled Senior Beauty Therapist at Tyme4u Beauty Treatments and Male Grooming. With a passion for delivering exceptional treatments and a warm, bubbly personality, Jess brings joy and expertise to every client interaction.


Specializing in massage and sugaring, Jess's treatments are renowned for their effectiveness and relaxation-inducing qualities. Whether you're seeking tension relief or smooth, hair-free skin, Jess's skilled hands and attention to detail ensure a rejuvenating experience.


Beyond her expertise in treatments, Jess's friendly and approachable demeanor creates a welcoming atmosphere for our clients. Her bubbly personality and genuine care for each individual make every visit to Tyme4u Beauty Treatments and Male Grooming a delightful experience.


We're delighted to have Jess as a valued member of our team, and we're confident that her expertise, warmth, and dedication to client satisfaction will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after every visit.

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Junior Beauty Therapist


Say hello to Brooke, our enthusiastic Junior Beauty Therapist at Tyme4u Beauty Treatments and Male Grooming. Although she's currently in training, Brooke's dedication and tenacity in improving her skillset are evident in every treatment she performs.


Undergoing rigorous training to ensure she reaches the same high standards as our seasoned team members, Brooke's commitment to excellence is commendable. She eagerly embraces new techniques and continuously seeks feedback to refine her skills and enhance the quality of her treatments.


While Brooke may be new to our team, her passion for beauty and unwavering determination make her a valuable asset. We have no doubt that with her dedication and perseverance, Brooke will soon be delivering treatments of the same exceptional quality as our experienced therapists.


We're thrilled to have Brooke on board, and we look forward to witnessing her growth and development as she continues her journey with us at Tyme4u Beauty Treatments and Male Grooming.

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Director, IT Guru & The Chippy


Graham, a pivotal figure in the inception of Tyme4u Beauty Treatments and Male Grooming, has played an indispensable role in shaping the business from its very foundation. His unwavering dedication and countless sacrifices have been instrumental in ensuring the success and smooth operation of both Tyme4u and Hannah's ventures.


As a skilled carpenter, Graham's expertise extended far beyond the traditional confines of his trade. He personally undertook the task of fitting out the shop, infusing it with warmth, functionality, and a touch of craftsmanship that continues to define the establishment's ambiance. Beyond the initial setup, Graham's commitment to excellence shines through in his ongoing efforts to maintain the premises, ensuring that every aspect of the operation runs seamlessly.


Graham's proficiency isn't confined to carpentry alone. With a background in IT, he has been the driving force behind the technological infrastructure that underpins Tyme4u's day-to-day operations. From implementing cutting-edge software solutions to troubleshooting technical issues, Graham's expertise has been integral in optimizing efficiency and enhancing the overall customer experience.


In addition to his practical contributions, Graham's strategic insight and guidance have been invaluable in charting the course of Tyme4u's growth and development. His keen understanding of the business landscape coupled with his unwavering commitment to Hannah's vision have positioned him as a key architect of the company's success.


Graham's unwavering dedication, technical prowess, and strategic acumen have left an indelible mark on Tyme4u Beauty Treatments and Male Grooming. His contributions extend far beyond the physical confines of the shop, embodying the spirit of collaboration and innovation that defines the essence of the business.

And let's not forget Graham's quirky side – while he may not be the one wielding the wax or administering the massages, he's certainly not one to pass up a free treatment when the opportunity arises! With a mischievous twinkle in his eye, Graham can often be found sneaking into the treatment rooms under the guise of "quality control," eagerly volunteering himself as a willing test subject for any new techniques or products. His enthusiastic participation, though perhaps unconventional, never fails to bring a lighthearted touch to the salon, reminding us all to embrace the joy and laughter in every moment.

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