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Our Treatments

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Taking time out for yourself is essential for a balanced mind, body & soul...

Advanced Specialist Facials 

Dermaplanning Facial (60 mins)  –  60

Dermaplaning is a facial only treatment used to remove the dead skin cells and fine downy hair ‘peach fuzz’ from the face. Dermaplaning can be performed every 3-4 weeks.


We combine the treatment with a calming face mask, oxygenation and finished with LED. 



  • Younger looking skin

  • Brightened, radiant, glowing skin

  • Make up sits better on the face

  • Skin care products will penetrate up to 60% more

  • Improves wrinkling and other signs of ageing

  • Helps keep pores clear

  • Helps the look of sun-damaged skin


Not suitable for: active acne, reactive skin, highly sensitive skin

Microneeding Facial (60 mins)  –  from 75

Microneedling can be performed on the face, body or a combination of both. This treatment has quickly become very popular for skin rejuvenation. Small needles pierce the skin and encourages the body to start its wound healing process. This causes the skin to look rejuvenated, smoother and younger.


  • Improves skin texture and appearance

  • Stimulates collagen production

  • Helps minimise pores

  • Helps to reduce acne scarring

  • Improves dry or oily skin

  • Leaves your skin glowing 

  • Improves pigmentation

We recommend booking a course of treatments for best results. 


Suitable for: Dry, ageing, oily, combination and normal skin. Not recommended for severe active acne.

Detox Facial (60 mins)  –  53

This treatment includes a double cleanse, dermaplaning which performs a deep exfoliation by removing the top layer of epidermal skin. Steam, extractions and high frequency followed by a mask or serums that will benefit your skin. Cold plates will calm the skin, close the pores and reduce any redness.


  • Helps to unclog pores and remove blackheads

  • Leaves skin glowing

  • Targets stubborn acne by killing bacteria

  • Shrinks enlarged pores

  • Leaves skin feeling soft

  • Better texture and look to skin

  • Allows up to 60% better penetration of skincare products

Suitable for:  Acne prone skin, congested pores & blackheads

Custom Facial (60 mins)  –  53

This facials is designed for clients who are unsure on what their skin needs. During the hour we will discuss your skin goals and treatment plan. The facial may vary each time depending on what we think your skin needs.


  • Completely tailored to your skins needs

  • A combination of different products and equipment for best results

  • Can improve texture of the skin


Suitable for: everyone

LED Light Therapy Facial  (45 mins)  –  45 

We have the choice of 7 LED lights to chose from that can be tailored to your skins needs. LED Light and Heating panels boost local blood circulation, which brings more healing nutrients to the area while promoting a detoxifying sweat. LED Light therapy also causes the release of ATP or raw cellular energy. This provides energy to the cells to make the most of the additional blood, oxygen, nutrients, detoxification, growth, and repair already initiated by your red light therapy treatments.


Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Purple, Cycle.


Whether you are looking for anti-aging treatments, treating rosacea, hyperpigmentation, looking for a youthful glow, fight bacteria, treat acne, boost oxygen or a combination treatment this is a great treatment to have alone or as an add on..


Suitable for: All skin types


  • Pain-free treatment

  • No irritation or downtime

  • Great treatment for all skin types and ages

  • Helps to firm sagging skin

  • Healthy skin glow

  • Fights acne and prone skin

  • Decreases pore sizes

  • Evens skin tone

  • Supports skin immune response

  • Improvement of skin condition

  • Decreases fine lines and wrinkles

  • Brightens skin

Chemical Peel Facial (60 mins)  –  70

Chemical Peels can be used on most skin types. There's different peels for different clients, for a example, a sensitive peels for sensitive skins. A universal peel for anyone who's nervous, new to peels or has a Fitzpatrick skin type 5-6. In your consultation we will establish you current skin condition, and what results you want. Peels can be used for a number of different reasons.


  • Improves skin texture and appearance

  • Produces new and healthy skin cells

  • Boosts fibroblast activity

  • Coagulation (dries spots out)

  • Reduces hyperpigmentation

  • A great treatment for maintenance

We recommend booking a course of treatments for best results. 

CSA kit must be bought with first treatment (unless you already have a CSA routine) (CSA: Vitamin C, Sunscreen & Vitamin A)

LED light therapy is included in every peel treatment to increase results.


Please note:

If you need to change or cancel, please notify us a minimum of 72 hours prior to your appointment to avoid a cancellation fee.

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